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"Serving Those Who Serve"

Welcome to the Home Page of Jericho Christian Television. Our ministry is dedicated to the service of our Lord Jesus Christ and to others called to serve Him. At the battle of Jericho, Joshua faced a fortified city. But just as Joshua faced formidable walls and barriers at Jericho, Christian workers of the 21st century still face formidable barriers in carrying of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to many places on this planet. Jericho Christian Television's vision combines audio, video, and Internet in such ways as to meet the challenges of evangelism and teaching in the 21st century. Using the Internet, Jericho Christian Television is daily tearing down the barriers and walls; preaching the good news to the poor, binding up the brokenhearted, proclaiming freedom to the captives, and releasing the prisoners from the darkness.



Ministry Events


Facebook -- Jericho Christian Television has a Facebook Page on which we will be posting updates to the programming schedule and other announcements about our Internet Broadcasts. Visit our page and join others that are receiving updates via Facebook. Just click "Like" to add our page to your favorites.


Changes to Website -- The Director of Jericho Christian Television has established a blog that he is calling,"Traveling the High Road with Chuck". Links can be found on the Home and Internet Broadcast Pages. Additionally, we have added a link to our Facebook Page to make it easier for our visitors to locate us on Facebook.


Partnering with Jericho Christian Television -- Thousands of visitors visit this website and watch the programming that is provided by Jericho Christian Television. Have you ever wondered what the costs are to maintain a 24/7 video stream with quality Christian Programming? Today the costs are approximately $1.00 per hour for each viewer that visits and watches the programming on the Jericho Christian Television's website. We are asking that as you enjoy this website and programming that you prayerfully consider supporting Jericho Christian Television with a small contribution of between $1.00 -$10.00 USD. You need to scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the donate button. Your donation will insure that Jericho Christian Television will continue to bring you the best in family safe programming. We appreciate each person that takes the time to visit this site and know that the Lord will continue to bless your life. Don't forget to send us your prayer needs.